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On Their Wedding Night He Gave Her A Surprise She Wasn't Ready For. The Result Will Have You In Tears. - Check This, Bro!

On Their Wedding Night He Gave Her A Surprise She Wasn’t Ready For. The Result Will Have You In Tears.



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get married and have the wedding be a complete disaster? As much as all of us love to glorify our wedding day, unfortunately not all of them go as smooth as intended.

Today we share the story of a young lady, Sarah, who had plans to have a grand wedding full of amazing friends and family. But when the day finally came around, she was in for a big surprise.

Her husband, Jeff, had decided he wanted to make the wedding extra special for his bride-to-be Sarah. But Jeff has a bit of a crooked mind. Jeff had decided that he would announce a surprise honeymoon trip for them to Bermuda during the wedding. But, he thought the surprise would be appreciated most by misleading her into thinking he was up to something else entirely beforehand.

In the days leading up to the wedding, Jeff had intentionally been flirting on the phone in front of his fiancee with their wedding planner, Anna. He knew Sarah was growing suspicious and frustrated but whenever she asked about her Jeff insisted Anna was just being sociable.

When the big day finally came, Jeff was ready to announce his surprise, and play the ultimate prank on Sarah in the process. During the reception, he sent a text to Sarah that read: “Anna, can’t wait to go to Bermuda with you. It will be so much fun!” Hoping that Sarah would come to him irritated and confused, he would then tell her that it it was all a big joke and surprise her with the tickets.

Instead, Sarah burst out crying after receiving the text, slapped Jeff in the face and stormed out of the reception, to the gasping and embarrassment of friends and family. After much convincing, Jeff managed to reveal his true intentions and calm Sarah down. But Sarah was so embarrassed she felt that it had ruined her entire wedding. Ouch! They’ll have some making up to do in Bermuda.


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