Spotted A Celebrity? Here’s How To Act


It’s hard not to turn an eye after spotting a famous celebrity roaming the streets. Unless you live and work in Hollywood, celebrity sightings aren’t an every day thing. Have you ever wondered the best way to act around a celebrity you’ve always had a crush on, or one you may have looked up to as a kid? Follow some of these guidelines below and you’ll be on your way to hanging out with their entourage in no time.

1. Pick The Right Moment

It is important that you wisely choose what time to approach a celebrity. Don’t ask for a photograph if they are in the middle of eating dinner at a fancy restaurant. Even worse, don’t ask while they’re in the bathroom using the toilet. Wait until they leave and go outside to approach their car. If you approach them at the wrong time, you’re just going to make them really mad at you. That wouldn’t be good for either of you.

2. Don’t Act Unusual

Let’s be honest. Celebrities aren’t that different from you and me. They eat, drink, feel, breathe, smell, touch, you name it. We’re all just people. If someone came up to you jumping up and down and screaming your name, how would you feel? You’d probably be a bit creeped out, right? You certainly wouldn’t think of that person as a normal friend of yours. So when you spot someone famous, it might not be the best idea to act too crazy around them. Talk to them like you’d talk to a friend you hadn’t seen in a while. Be positive and don’t go too nuts. You’d be surprised how few people just act totally normally around famous people and don’t shower them with attention. They’ll really appreciate this.

Also, don’t secretly try to take photos. They’ll probably notice, and you’ll just look like a jerk. If you really want a photo, just go up and ask. Most of them will probably accommodate, and you might even get a nice conversation out of it. It’s better than getting caught being the creeper trying to take a photo of them behind their back. You know how much paparazzi annoys celebrities? You’ll just look like one of those guys.

3. Think Creatively

Does it look like the celebrity in question needs a hand with anything? You might be able to casually offer to help them with something. Perhaps you’ve got an interesting story about something unique related to them. You might be able to break the ice with some conversation about it that could keep them entertained for a few minutes. Or maybe you’re quite well connected yourself and know someone they might consider working with in some area related to their fame. Basically, anything you can do that keeps you from looking like you’re just trying to leech off of their fame will be of great benefit and get the celebrity more likely to want to invest some time in talking to you.


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