New To University? These Tricks Will Help You Cope


University is often looked back upon by people as “the best time in their lives” for good reason. But for some, it can take a while to cope and often starts with a few hiccups. We’d love for you to have the full university experience of new friends, partying, great academics, and lifetime lessons and in order to help you make the most of these things, here are our top suggestions for coping with the initial change.

#1 – Don’t Be Afraid to Socialize

To some of you, this tip will not apply. Socializing will be the most natural thing in the world and university will feel like a huge playground of people just waiting to form relationships. For others, the prospect of not knowing anyone at university and being forced to reach out to people you don’t know to make friends can be terrifying. If this is you, we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. Loads of people will be feeling the exact same way as you. And this is precisely why you shouldn’t be afraid to try and make new friends. People will be much more open to getting to know you and become friends with you than they would in the “real world” where existing social relationships are more firmly established. Step out of your comfort zone a bit while you’re still new to university and try to make friends while it’s as easy as can be. If you need to, join groups or clubs, don’t turn down parties when university is just starting, and participate in a sport if you are athletically inclined.

#2 – Build Self-Discipline

Unlike your earlier school years, university doesn’t hold your hands. You won’t be able to get by as easily simply attending class and listening to the professor (unless you’re extra smart). You’ll have to learn to manage your time and other social commitments with a study routine you build for yourself. If at first you’re struggling to maintain the discipline to study on your own for any extended period of time, try forming study groups with your friends. Seeing other friends at the library with their heads in the books can be very motivating for you to do the same.

#3 – Eat A Healthy Diet

It can be all too tempting to splurge on junk food while you’re at university. You no longer have your parents in your ears telling you want to eat and the university cafeterias are often loaded with all-you-can-eat junk. There’s a reason so many freshmen end up putting on weight. Don’t be that person. By maintaining a healthy diet and eating schedule, you’ll not only keep off the fat, but you’ll also feel more energetic and be more likely to succeed in your studies. Not only that, but you’ll be able to splurge a bit more on the booze without gaining as much of the belly!

#4 – Party Responsibly

Ok, ok. We know we sound like your parents here. We’re not telling you not to party. In fact, we encourage it. It’ll make your university experience a lot more fun and memorable and will help you to develop lasting relationships long after you graduate. But there are some people who tend to take it too far. You’d be surprised by the number of students who fail courses simply because they party too much. Got an exam coming up? Take a night off from the house party around the corner. There will be another party for when the exam is over. Feeling hungover and can’t listen in class? This might be a sign that you’re overdoing it.


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