Man Refused By Car Dealership For Looking Poor Gets Ultimate Revenge


Here’s a classic lesson in why never to judge a book by it’s cover. Or more specifically in this case, why sales agents should never judge customers by how they look.

An elderly Thai man called Lung Decha recently went shopping from one dealer to another with a dream. A dream to buy a new motorcycle.

Unfortunately for Lung, his baggy, ill-fitting clothing gave him the appearance of being a poor man. In fact, he was easily mistaken for being homeless. As a result, as he went from one dealer to the next, it seemed like every sales agent ignored him. After many hours and lots of persistence, Lung finally found a dealer who was willing to talk to him.

According to Thai news source Sanook, Lung was able to find and purchase his dream motorcycle from the rare, friendly dealer within ten minutes of looking. He paid cash. $17,000 in fact, for a new Harley Davidson. Both Lung and the friendly sales agent went home very happy men.

Photos of Lung and his new Harley have gone viral on social media. AsiaOne has claimed that Lung worked hard and saved his whole life to afford this motorcycle. Even though Lung has never been the wealthiest of men, he had a dream and he was willing to work hard to achieve that dream. It seems this mentality has really connected with people.

Note: This post is loosely based on the article Thai Man Ignored At Dealership for Looking Poor, Pays For a New Harley-Davidson With $17,000 Cash originating at NextShark.


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