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Oh no, not essay time again! There’s nothing quite more annoying for many than having to write an extended essay for a university class. The research, the grammar, the time trying to pump up the word count to meet the minimum page requirements, ugh. Did we mention the time away from chatting to friends, or hitting on that hot guy or gal next door? However, writing essays doesn’t have to be all tears, especially not if you’re crushing them with top-notch grades. Here are some tips we think you can use to improve your essay writing skills and performance.

#1 – Listen To The Professor

Everyone is different and this includes professors. What might be an A paper to one professor could be a C paper to another. Sounds frustrating, right? The good news is that if you carefully listen to what your professor wants out of a paper you can fine-tune it to his or her tastes and massively improve your chances of a good grade. If you submit a draft to a professor and he/she gives you a lot of feedback, follow it all as closely as possible. Remember, you’re not writing to please the general audience and you’re not writing to boost your ego. You’re there to please one person only, the professor, if you want to get a great grade and ace that course.

#2 – Have A Friend Proofread Your Work

Not all of us are grammar experts. Having a friend proofread your work can really help to improve the quality of your paper. You might think your writing is excellent, but a friend could end up quickly pointing out several grammar flaws that could be fixed in a snap. The better the grammar of your paper, the more likely the professor is to praise your work. In many courses it’s nearly just as much about getting the grammar right as it is about the content of the material itself! Most friends would be more than willing to help you out, so don’t hesitate to ask!

#3 – Give Yourself Time

We’re all guilty of procrastinating every now and again. After all, the more you don’t want to do something, the easier it is to put off. The problem is, writing can take a significant time investment, and when you wait until the last minute to write an essay you are most likely going to cut corners to simply get it done. If you give yourself a bit of extra time, you will be able to look over your work and make revisions based on sloppy screw-ups from your first draft. We know not-procrastinating isn’t easy, but it will certainly pay off.

#4 – Google Is Your Friend

Not sure how to spell something correctly? Struggling with ideas for what to write about to fill up your page count requirement? Google is only one website away, and it has all the answers you could possibly need. Whenever you’ve hit a roadblock or are unsure of something, simply search for what you’re after in google and you will have a quick solution to your issue. Never has it been easier to have cutting-edge information at your fingertips. Use it!


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