4 Reasons Celebrity Couples Break Up So Much


Every day it seems like another famous celebrity couple is breaking up. We all know the divorce rate is quite high and not all relationships last forever. But it seems like celebrity relationships take this to another level, and most celebrity couples seem to never last. There are many reasons for why celebrities might actually break up far more frequently than normal couples. Here are a few explanations for why this happens.

1. They Travel All The Time

Actors and musicians are always traveling. Whether it be a new film shoot location, a concert tour, an award show, or simply a business meeting, celebrities need to be all over the place. It simply isn’t realistic for their significant other to be coming with them every time they go away. This creates a lot of distance and alone time in celebrity relationships, very often. Unlike most of us in relationships, it can be very difficult for celebrity couples to see each other with any regular consistency. This can put a strain on their communication and make it more difficult for to develop a deeper level of intimacy and closeness compared to couples who are together more frequently.

2. They Face Loads Of Temptation

It isn’t hard for celebrities to find others wanting to hook up with them. People hit on them constantly and even if they fully intend to be loyal, spur of the moment decisions after a fight or too much alcohol can ruin things for good. The self discipline required for a celebrity couple is far greater than that for an average couple. And it only takes one partner to stray before problems arise. Not only that, but actors are often required to get in romantic relationships with fellow actresses as part of a movie or play. This can often lead to jealousy. Especially when real kissing is involved.

3. They Have Inflated Egos

Celebrities are constantly reminded of how great they are by their fans. This can give them a delusional sense of self-worth and bring out a narcissistic side of their personality. A cynical person could even argue that many celebrities got there by having narcissistic personality traits in the first place. If one partner starts to feel like he or she is ‘superior’ to the other, this can show in their relationship and cause its downfall.

4. They’re Both Economically Wealthy

For many couples, breakups are difficult because they cost a lot of money. This might often lead a problematic couple to seek relationship counseling rather than break up right away. For a celebrity couple, getting a divorce or ending a relationship will rarely financially impact them very heavily. They also don’t have to worry about ever finding another partner. There are usually droves of people willing to throw themselves all over them, so they have a lot of choice when they become single again. Basically, breaking up causes celebrities to face less repercussions, so it happens quicker and without as much thought or planning.


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