15 Unbelievable Mysteries Science Has Not Explained


Was there ever something you weren’t sure about? What did you do? Google? Yeah, we bet at least some of you managed to find your answer on Google within a few minutes. But what if Google didn’t have the solution? Textbooks? Nope. There are some things that scientists just still haven’t been able to explain. Science isn’t perfect and are always still trying to solve the world’s unsolved mysteries. Here are 16 of our most unbelievable mysteries that science has still not managed to understand. Be warned; these mysteries could haunt your dreams and keep you up at night. But it’s worth sticking around until the end.

Cows Always Face Exactly North Or South While Eating

Alright, so understanding what direction cows eat isn’t exactly a high-priority task for scientists. Probably not for you or me either. I mean a dog would face whichever direction you threw a treat, right?  Believe it or not, a team of scientists actually used satellite images from Google Earth to determine that cows always stood facing earth’s magnetic poles when eating or resting. Every single time. Very strange, eh?

Cows always face directly north or south when eating

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